Choosing your photographer is about so much more than just someone with a camera.

We think you should like us just as much as you like our work, so take a moment, and get to know us a little.

Hi! I'm Britt! Girl mom. Camera junkie. Light chaser. And overall goofball. I'm 32 going on 17 and there is nothing more I love in this life than capturing and telling stories. 


EHP came to me as a happy little accident. I grew up harassing my sister to play Olan Mills as a kid (omg remember that place?!) so photo taking has been in my blood for a long time. But starting EHP came about after the birth of my first daughter when I realized my cell phone pictures of her weren't cutting it. I bought my first big camera, took a few photos of her, did a few photos for friends, booked my first paying client and ended my second year of photography with 7 weddings and over 100 portrait sessions. EHP exploded and with it my passion for telling stories with my camera.

I truly fell head over heels in LOVE with photography.

As cheesy as it sounds, this is really the best life I could imagine for myself. I am so emotionally invested in this business. I cry at EVERY wedding. I make friends from nearly every session and I do everything I can to give you not only images of smiling faces but of little moments you didn't even realize were happening.

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